Friday, December 12, 2008

My Brother-in-Law's BFA Show

Jon, my brother-in-law is a photographer and needed some help designing a poster for his BFA Show. We came up with this idea together. The photo images he is using for the show are fairly unique, and lose their interesting qualities if your not seeing it in real life. So it seemed fitting to photograph him holding up the printed work. While this has been done before, it seemed the right solution for this particular work.


Chels said...

Would you go to my page and give me your address so I can send you a christmas card?! Thanks bunches! I wont post it, I will be the only one to see it!

Chels said...

Hey, I wanted to tell Sara how the stripes worked... I talked to Sage actually and she told me to get a chalk line. So we measured from the roof, and marked the same height down the wall. Took chalk line across spot to spot and marked with the string, making the lines all straight. Then I taped them, then I used painters caulk and caulked the tape line so that it wouldn't bleed. Waited, then painted, then repeated the process till they were all done. It was insane. And I did it all alone, except the chalk line, that takes two. Then I let it dry BEFORE I removed the tape (lesson learned the hard way, if it is not totally dry, it will pull your caulk up with it.) and I retouched freehand what needed some love... Now I just have to get some antique signs or pictures on the walls!