Monday, September 1, 2008

Rome: Day 15 or so (Rubbings)

Today we did rubbings at a church with many ancient inscriptions. It was an optional thing that most of us took advantage of. Jt, Leslie and I teamed up and helped each other get the rubbings from the walls that we wanted. We used crayons, pastels, and charcoal to rub on various types of papers over the desired inscriptions. At times we used multiple colors to get different effects. The rubbings made beautiful compositions.

We're leaving town for Modena tomorrow, early in the morning. We'll be traveling to a tuscan town for a wonderful tuscan meal. Chris says he has some fun adventures planned. We are all excited. At the end of week, Jt and I are going to Cinque Terra. We'll have lots of good shots when we get back.

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Douglass Family said...

SEAN! I am so glad you are posting stuff of Rome. I am SO jealous! Hope you are having a GREAT time!
Mandy & Bryson