Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rome: Day 14 The Monster Park, Ovieto and City on a Hill Top

Yesterday was a good day. . . We took a bus out of Rome. We went with students from the Law Society and Justice department who are also here studying in Rome this summer. Our first stop was a Monster park with large stone sculptures. We then went to the Duomo in Ovieto. We rode a tram up the mountain into the small town where we hiked around, looked at shops and photographed the Duomo Cathedral. Most of us had an enjoyable lunch and topped it off with a little Gelato. We left Ovieto at 2:30 pm and headed to Civita de bagnoregio, a small town that can only be reached by foot. It was a spectacular climb across the bridge and up into the town where only a few people still live. We went at 4:15 or so for Olive oil tasting (dang that was good), they prepared bruchetta and water. Many of the students also ordered wine, which they said was also outstanding. On the walk back Erin, Leslie and I stopped for another Gelato. It tastes so good and is equally refreshing on a hot day.

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